TZ-Series: Vehicle-powered Truck Refrigeration Unit

                  Thermo King’s TZ series is a unique one-piece condenser & evaporator design which the benefits of zero intrusion into the load space to allow highly efficient cargo loading, whilst simplifying installation to the vehicle, and reducing the risk of refrigerant connection leaks compared to the separated major components of traditional systems.
                  The TZ Series range of models is configured to provide superior cooling performance from lightest in class designs, in a wide variety of small, medium and large refrigerated trucks.Highest quality components are selected throughout, including centrifugal brushless blowers which provide highly efficient circulation of large air volumes with minimal noise, whilst delivering exceptionally long life up to 25,000 hours.
                  Thermo King newly launched “TZ Fresh” Series with R-134a system. TZ Fresh provides superior pull down performance, higher reliability, longer life cycle and lower maintenance cost. It is special for fresh cargos. Count on Thermo King, we always deliver what you matters! 
Product Model:   
           •   TZ-400   
           •   TZ-600  
           •   TZ-800   
           •   TZ-1000
           •   TZ-1200 
           •   TZ-400 Fresh
           •   TZ-600 Fresh
           •   TZ-800 Fresh