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Thermo King is the world leader in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems/components (HVAC) for Bus, Shuttle and Passenger Rail applications. In addition to offering reliable, cost-effective systems, Thermo King also has the largest service network in the bus HVAC market.

In product development and application, TK remains “people oriented’. Our ideas always center around Green, Comfortable, Safety, and Effectiveness.

  • All design passes a six-axis vibration test, are sturdy, durable, and easy in even the toughest conditions
  • TK compressor: Unique design of Vanasil alloy ringless pistons and valve plate structure ensure stable refrigerating systems
  • Leader of control system in bus HVAC
  • Parts authentication complies with TK global standard, provides global guarantee

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Each dealer provides: Thermo King trained and certified technicians, comprehensive service contract programs, 24-hour and mobile service, Thermo King and competitive replacement parts, and more.